Jala Peo Term 4 Issue 7 newsletter

The Jala Peo (“Plant the Seed”) Initiative is a vehicle for the promotion of nutrition education and school food and nutrition gardens active in 67 schools across three Provinces: the Free State, Limpopo and the Western Cape. The Initiative seeks to make sure every school has a thriving school food and nutrition garden and that all learners in South Africa understand how to produce and consume nutritious food. To do this, the Initiative has created Forums – multistakeholder partnerships of government departments, private sector, academia and NGOs to increase and direct investment and resources towards more effective agriculture and nutrition education.
As we conclude the last quarter of 2021 in our new normal, we reflect on the year that has passed. In this period of adversity, let us not forget that food is life. It is the bodily fuel that we need so desperately to survive. It is our essence of life. Don’t stop planting, don’t stop nurturing and don’t stop sharing your green wealth with those around you and those less fortunate. Why? Because we rise above our circumstances!
Issue 7 of the Jala Peo newsletter focuses on the theme 'homegrown' - from indigenous nurseries in Limpopo, to homestead gardening in the Free State and Western Cape - we are delighted to see the traction that the Initiative has gained, especially amongst community members. The curriculum integration section looks at the use of edible indigenous flowers and plants.  We hope you will find this newsletter informative and useful!
Stay safe, stay well, and keep planting seeds!"

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