The Commonwealth Researchers in Pursuit covers 15 thematic areas:
  • Theme 1: How governments are positioning, activating and supporting public institutions such as school systems in multi-pronged efforts to contain COVID-19 Thematic lead: Veronica McKay Find out more
  • Theme 2: Harnessing ICT and innovative digital low-cost solutions while ensuring access, equity and safeguarding during and post-COVID-19 Thematic lead: Mohammad Santally Find out more
  • Theme 3: Access and Inclusivity in Education: Addressing the barriers for the most disadvantaged and marginalised in times of pandemics Thematic lead: Richard Rose Find out more
  • Theme 4: Innovation & adaptation in times of necessity - reimagining education service provision in response to COVID-19 Thematic lead: Barbara Dale-Jones Find out more
  • Theme 5: How higher education institutions respond to COVID-19, build resilience through research and knowledge creation, and find solutions to global challenges Thematic lead: Ian Rowlands Find out more
  • Theme 6: Post-disaster schooling - rethinking education systems and building back better Thematic lead: Virgilio Juvane Find out more
  • Theme 7: Models of non-school based learning spaces and practicum in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, including non-formal education and youth work Thematic lead: Ismi Bin Ismail Find out more
  • Theme 8: Innovative financing mechanisms for the public education sector Thematic lead: Monica Mawoyo Find out more
  • Theme 9: How civil society/non-state actors are responding to the pandemic Thematic lead: Deborah Kimathi Find out more
  • Theme 10: Educational leadership in times of pandemics: role of school principals Thematic lead: Azad Oommen Find out more
  • Theme 11: Impact and implications of COVID-19 on the teaching profession Thematic lead: Steve Nwokeocha Find out more
  • Theme 12: Ensuring that progress towards gender equity and equality in education is not stalled Thematic lead: Marcia Stewart Find out more
  • Theme 13: Building resilience of education systems to address multiple threats Thematic lead: Denise Gaspard-Richards Find out more
  • Theme 14: Intersectoral approaches to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on learning and well-being Thematic lead: Talia Esnard Find out more
  • Theme 15: Accelerated learning, pedagogical provisions, curricula and assessments in times of pandemics and emergencies Thematic lead: Dr Modupe Adefeso-Olateju Find out more