Work Integrated Learning

Towards developing a synergistic partnership between key stakeholders responsible for Work Integrated Learning within Teacher Education and Development at macro- (e.g., DHET, DBE, SACE, EDTP-SETA), meso- (e.g., universities and provinces – Department of Education) and micro-level (e.g., universities, identified districts and potential teaching schools and professional practice schools); and dDeveloping a flexible, adaptable and sustainable clinically-based work integrated learning curriculum framework
Teaching Practice: Guidelines for Initial Teacher Education Programmes Teaching Practice: Guidelines for Initial Teacher Education Programmes

A comprehensive guide that should be read as a supplement to the latest gazetted edition of The Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications. It seeks to bring about a common understanding of what comprises teaching practice and to ensure greater consistency in the workplace-based experience for all student teachers, given the centrality of that experience to the formation of the teachers of the future. This is a framework to build, maintain, and sustain a teaching practice partnership, which joins the needs of a university and local schools in the preparation of highly effective teachers to meet the needs of all learners. The document provides a clear blueprint for all involved in facilitating quality workplace-based placement experiences.