JET Education Services was appointed as a UNEVOC Centre in October 2013. The UNEVOC Network is an exclusive global platform for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

The UNEVOC Network, coordinated by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre, is made up of UNEVOC Centres, which are established in TVET institutions and serve as focal points for the provision of services and platforms for international and regional cooperation in TVET. The Network is instrumental in the production and dissemination of research, case studies, databases, publications, and enables the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre to perform its function as a clearinghouse.

Through the Network, UNEVOC Centres can share knowledge and experiences related to all aspects of TVET, exchange country experiences, and discuss issues of common relevance in meetings organised by themselves, by the UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre or virtually through the UNEVOC Network Portal or the UNEVOC e-Forum.

The Goals of the UNEVOC Network are to:

  • Improve TVET by promoting and fostering international collaboration;
  • Develop the capacities of UNEVOC Centres and associated TVET practitioners by providing various forms of assistance; and
  • Share good practices and innovations in TVET.

Purpose of the UNEVOC Centre

The purpose of a UNEVOC Centre is to:

  • Disseminate UNESCO TVET messages on a national level;
  • Display UNEVOC publications and any relevant TVET documentation for sharing;
  • Report on experiences regarding TVET in the particular country and report back to the Network;
  • Present an annual action plan and report on the activities carried out by the UNEVOC Centre.

The UNEVOC Centre at JET will be used to bring stakeholders working in TVET in South Africa together by:

  • Sharing information on current TVET activities in South Africa;
  • Sharing TVET information via electronic means;
  • Displaying links to UNEVOC publications on JET’s website;
  • Displaying links to international UNEVOC TVET messages on JET’s website;
  • Displaying links to local TVET research papers, reports, and publications on JET’s website

JET TVET Resources