The Teacher Internship Collaboration South Africa (TICZA)

The Teacher Internship Collaboration South Africa (TICZA) has emerged as an innovative vehicle that brings together government, academia, the private sector and implementers in order to drive innovation and continuous improvement in the delivery of teacher internship programmes.

The convening group of the TICZA initiative consists of JET Education Services, the Bertha Centre at the University of Cape Town, Bridge Innovation and Trialogue. The Global Teachers Institute (GTI) played a key role in conceptualising the initiative. 

The aim of TICZA is the adoption of an alternative pathway of initial teacher education (ITE) which is effective, efficient and widely-utilised in public schools in South Africa.


  • Strategic Oversight and Advocacy
  • Knowledge Production
  • Platforms for Collaboration
  • Standards, Tools and Resources
  • Sector Capacity Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


  • Innovate
  • Scale
  • Implement
  • Research and Evaluate
  • Collaborate and Review


  • Knowledgeable teachers who positively influence the education system
  • Improved teacher retention and job satisfaction
  • Reduced teacher shortages in identified areas of need



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Zenex Foundation
Maitri Trust