Integrating AI into M&E, a discussion with JET’s M&E officer, Jaya Sojen

In this staff profiling article, we interview Jaya Sojen, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer.

We had an opportunity to interview Jaya Sojen, a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at JET. Jaya’s role encompasses a range of responsibilities and duties such as preparing the intervention's theory of change, and logic framework and designing conceptual frameworks, and frameworks for data analysis. She also designs and implements surveys and contributes to evaluation report writing. 

Jaya is passionate about applying diverse quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodologies to generate evidence that can improve the impact of interventions. She has played a key role in projects such as PILO, JGF, Outcome Harvesting, NPMN, and AI study projects. Her role is to provide clients with evaluation support and communicate evidence on whether the intervention achieved the intended objectives and made an impact.

In the PILO project, Jaya was responsible for data collection and analysis. In the JGF projects, she designed survey instruments and piloted the survey for six major surveys. She was also involved in the qualitative data analysis in the JGF project and collaborated with the Data unit to set up SOPs for some of the qualitative data analysis processes within the M&E unit. 

Currently, Jaya is involved in the qualitative analysis of entrepreneurship and leadership competency assessments for JGF and report writing for the qualitative analysis component. She is also becoming skilled in integrating AI into M&E. 

Jaya is proud of the diversity of the work done by JET in the education sector and beyond, and the contributions towards the education sector as a key player.

Her focus is on contributing to how the conceptual framework of Spiral dynamics can be transformed from a theoretical stance to a practical entity for guiding the new JET strategy that JET is embarking on in 2025.