Trialogue Business in Society Handbook 2020

The Trialogue Business in Society Handbook 2020 (23rd edition) looks at the effect of the pandemic and examines what the private sector and civil society are doing to augment the public sector’s response.

The Covid-19 pandemic arrived on our shores as we were planning this year’s Business in Society Handbook (our 23rd edition). The new theme for 2020 – ‘The year of physical distancing and social reconnection’ – serves as an important reminder that, despite lockdowns and forced separations, we have found innovative ways to reach out, collaborate, and respond with solidarity to the greatest humanitarian crisis we have faced this century. This year’s Handbook looks at some of the challenges we are facing, in South Africa and elsewhere, but more importantly focuses on solutions for ‘building back better’ and creating more resilient, more inclusive societies. This includes adapting our giving practices to alleviate the immense suffering we are currently witnessing. 

In 2020, JET Education Services responded to the challenges by mounting a series of research bootcamps which grew from a few themes in South Africa to a presence in Southern Africa and later on also across 55 Commonwealth countries. These have been mentioned a few times in the Trialogue handbook. You can read more and see some of the research outputs on our website under COVID-19 RESEARCH RESPONSE.

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