DBE National Consultative Conference on Curriculum Strengthening

The two days Department of Education (DBE) National Consultative Conference on Curriculum Strengthening is taking place 9-10 September 2023 at the Birchwood Conference Centre.
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Over 400 principals, educators, parents, districts, unions and official representatives are in attendance. The goal of the Consultative process is to provide feedback on how stakeholders respond to the idea of curriculum strengthening as well as the SA competency framework. Under the Save the Children South Africa Bridging the Gap programme, the JET research team is conducting research related to teacher development and curriculum reform.
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What could Curriculum Strengthening look like to a ten year old learner?
We hear from the learners themselves: Save the Children South Africa shares some of the Learners' perspectives...
“We would like digital literacy and creative writing in our schools.” The learners were asked which new subjects they would like? Pictured: James Keevy, CEO at JET Education Services, Shanon Julies, Teacher at the Northern Cape Education Department, Save the Children South Africa and Anglo American learners and Freda Walters, Education Advocacy Manager at Save the Children SA.