TICZA Implementation Compendium Issue #1
Published: 01 Mar 2024
TICZA (the Teacher Internship Collaboration South Africa) is a collective impact project designed to support mutually-reinforcing activities among discrete actors in the education sector with varying interests in extended student teacher internships.
Publication Update
New Publication: Policy Insights: Models of Philanthropy in Education
Published: 13 Feb 2024
Unveiling diverse approaches and perspectives on Philanthropy in Education with a new Policy Insights #03 publication: Models of Philanthropy in Education which encapsulates critical research findings from 39 experts from around the globe who participated in NORRAG’s Philanthropy in Education symposium series.
A Conversation with Daniel Mashilo, Senior Statistician at JET
Published: 24 Jan 2024
In today’s world of data, where patterns and insights hold the key to informed decision-making, we had a chance to chat with Daniel Mashilo, JET’s Senior Statistician, he leads the Data unit, and steers the statistical aspects of the organisation's projects. In this article, we delve into Daniel's journey, his passion for sports and numbers, and the impactful projects he's been a part of at JET.
Matric Results 2023
Published: 19 Jan 2024
JET Education Services wishes to congratulate the matriculants of 2023 on the 82.9% pass rate.
New Publication: Using co-creation to address monitoring and evaluation challenges
Published: 12 Jan 2024
The research paper “Using co-creation to address monitoring and evaluation challenges: The experience of South Africa’s evaluation hackathon” has been published in the Sage Journal, authored by: Eleanor Hazell, Ian Goldman, Babette Rabie, Jen Norins, Takunda Chirau, and Taruna Gupta.
Publication Update