TICZA Implementation Compendium Issue #1

TICZA (the Teacher Internship Collaboration South Africa) is a collective impact project designed to support mutually-reinforcing activities among discrete actors in the education sector with varying interests in extended student teacher internships.

An implementation brief for improving practice-based initial teacher education aimed at familiarising stakeholders with the body of knowledge on extended student teacher internships and to orientate implementers to TICZA was published (Shiohira et al., 2022). In 2024 TICZA launches the Implementation Compendium, intended as a web-based collection and archive of knowledge produced within the TICZA collective.

The Implementation Compendium consists of an array of short contributions that describe, examine and engage with activities and processes aligned with extended student teacher internships. Contributions are authored by one or more stakeholder that has been part of the collective impact project. As such their views and claims are not those of TICZA but those of the authors and organisations. Contributions are published periodically from February 2024. 
The first issue of the Implementation Compendium series provides a basis from existing policy for why ‘extended student teacher internship’ is preferred to ‘internship’ and ‘component supporting teacher education pathway’ a more accurate description of the activities and processes than ‘alternative teacher education pathway’.

Submissions from stakeholders are welcome. Should you have queries or would like to submit a contribution, please contact Patrick Molokwane at

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