Unpacking Engelbrecht’s Statistical Journey at JET

In this staff profiling article, we interview Joshua Engelbrecht, a Statistician at JET Education Services

Joshua Engelbrecht is a Statistician at JET Education Services. His passion for data-driven insights and commitment to making a difference fuel his work within the organisation. In this staff profiling article, Joshua provides a glimpse into his role, projects, and aspirations at JET.

Joshua's journey at JET began in February 2023. He is involved in several projects, with the data unit playing a crucial role in contributing robust analyses to programme evaluations. From evaluating literacy programs to assessing the cost-effectiveness of educational initiatives, Joshua and the data team ensure that every project finding is backed by rigorous analysis and substantial evidence. 

His eagerness to learn and contribute led him to explore other interests within the organisation, such as fieldwork training and project coordination. The cross-divisional collaboration at JET allows JETsetters to contribute to a wide range of projects and amplify their impact. Joshua emphasises the importance of flexibility and continuous learning, and making the most of the opportunities to broaden one's skill set in order to make meaningful contributions across different units and projects.

Reflecting on some of his project highlights, Joshua lists the Nal'ibali Story Materials Suitability Evaluation and the VVOB Early Grade Reading and Instruction Programme evaluation as particularly rewarding experiences. He emphasises the impact of witnessing firsthand positive changes within schools and communities, underscoring the importance of data-driven insights in driving educational quality and equity.

Looking ahead, Joshua and his team in the Research and Data Ecosystems Division have tasked themselves to enhance JET's front-line data collection capabilities, by exploring alternative software solutions that can streamline JET’s data collection processes. 

Joshua takes pride in JET's achievements, particularly in coordinating large-scale projects such as the Anglo American South Africa Education Programme. He commends JET's commitment to becoming a holacratic organisation, where individuals are empowered to work independently while being held accountable for their responsibilities.

As Joshua reflects on his journey at JET, he expresses gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference in education every day. For him, JET is more than just a workplace—it's a place where he can contribute to meaningful change and witness the transformative power of education interventions and initiatives firsthand.