Mr. Price Foundation Edurise principals Imbizo

The Principal Imbizo, which is highly anticipated, plays a vital role in enhancing schools management.

The Mr. Price Foundation Edurise Principal Imbizo, held on the weekend of 19 - 20 April 2024 at Premier Splendid Inn in Pinetown, was a highly successful event. The program was attended by a diverse group of principals from the Department of Basic Education Pinetown Circuit, KZN DOE Circuit Managers, Sportstec Coordinators, Mr. Price Foundation Edurise Program Manager and Director, as well as the I&I Executive Manager.

The objective of the program was to educate the principals on effective school management techniques that would lead to positive results for their students. The attendees engaged in an in-depth discussion on topics such as "Leadership and Management Needs Analysis Findings," "Why We Do Assessments?," "Implementation of Eduten AI in Pilot Schools," and "Using ChatGPT to Create a Funding Proposal." The session included a live demonstration of the M&E Dashboard, which would be used by JET Fieldworkers.

The principals who attended the program found the presentations to be informative and engaging. The exchange of ideas during the meaningful dialogue was appreciated by all attendees. They expressed their eagerness to return to their schools and share the information with schools management and teachers.

We are pleased to report that the Mr. Price Foundation Edurise Principal Imbizo was highly successful in achieving its objectives and we appreciate the support of all attendees in making the event a success.

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