[PODCAST] Investec Leadership Conference: ‘Investing in public education solutions’

JET CEO, James Keevy was a part of the Investec Leadership Conference, unpacking public education and why it is one of South Africa’s most pressing issues

Bertha Centre partnered with Investec ahead of their Leadership Conference, which took place in February 2023, in producing pre-learning material (podcasts, videos, learning briefs, and webinars) for their 400 leaders. Their aim was to assist the Investec Leaders in thinking about their social impact and purpose under the following themes:

  • Public education
  • Public health
  • Income, poverty, unemployment
  • Climate, environment

James Keevy represented JET in a podcast as part of the Investec Leadership Conference:

In this podcast episode ‘Investing in public education solutions’, we have education expert James Keevy. James is an experienced policy researcher that has worked in South Africa, Africa and internationally for the last 25 years. Following 13 years at the South African Qualifications Authority in research policy and international liaison capacities, he joined JET Education Services in 2014 as the chief executive. Together we’ll be unpacking public education and why this is one of South Africa’s most pressing issues. We also hope to delve into the role that corporate South Africa can play in changing the narrative both of the system at large and the individual lives of the many young people who really need us to do right by them.


 Listen to the podcast below:

Click here for the Investec Leadership Conference pre-learning materials and info