Meet our international Peace Corps Response Volunteer: Mark Forsberg

JET Education Services has partnered with Peace Corps South Africa. Peace Corps Response sends experienced professionals to undertake short-term, high-impact service assignments in communities around the world. Mark Forsberg joined JET as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in January 2023.

JET has welcomed Mark Forsberg, our international Peace Corps Response Volunteer from Minnesota, United States, based in Washington, DC. Mark has a Master's degree in International Training and Education from The American University in Washington, DC. He also has an undergraduate Bachelor's degree from St. Olaf College in Minnesota – with a triple major in History, Sociology/Anthropology, and American Studies.

Peace Corps Response is piloting work in the education sector in a new relationship with JET. Mark will work alongside the JETSetters and make a meaningful contribution to JET's daily work. He is a part of the Knowledge Management team and is currently involved in editing, library system, website, and writing learning briefs and social media posts. Mark intends to make the most of the experience. His background in international education and work in education organisations will enhance his work at JET. He is interested in training and facilitation – engaging learners and presenting information in a way that they remember the content. 

The Peace Corps Response Manager, Tatenda Vanessa Tagutanazvo, says, "JET has been a great host organization and echoes that placing a Response Volunteer-Mark Forsberg with an Education entity as a pilot has been rewarding. Tatenda says it has been a rewarding journey to have a partnership with JET Education Services and is looking forward to more placements in the near future. Thank you, JET Education Services, for opening the door to partnership with Peace Corps South Africa."

Mark is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) of Guatemala during 2009-2011 and a Peace Corps Virtual Service Pilot Participant of Guatemala, 2021-2023. "When I originally served, I wanted to work internationally and live in a place where I would learn a new language. My Peace Corps experience has influenced everything I have done in the past 12 years after leaving Guatemala in some way. I wanted to do Peace Corps Response, because having more years between my first service and this one informs my approach to entering a new culture and context," adds Mark.


We also asked Mark: 

What is on your bucket list while in South Africa?

"So many things," said Mark. 

Mark is interested in history, reading books about historical moments, watching documentaries, and visiting museums. Although it's not Mark's first time in South Africa, he visited South Africa in 2006; he feels that he still needs to review many places, such as Cape Town and Kruger National Park. He loves hiking and long-distance marathon running, so he's currently trying to visit new nature reserves; he says: "it's the best way to see the place and explore where I live." During his time in the country, he plans to visit as many countries adjacent to South Africa as possible.