RFP: TICZA Specialised External Evaluator

Request for proposals (RFP): The Teacher Internship Collaboration South Africa (TICZA) seeks the services of a specialised external evaluator

TICZA is a collective impact project designed to support mutually reinforcing activities across discrete actors in the education sector with varying interests in teacher internships. Collective impact as a concept is designed to address complex problems through the collaborative efforts of multiple stakeholders. In a collective impact project, emphasis is on alignment and partnership between government, private and third sector organisations that work towards shared goals and measure the same things. 

TICZA seeks the services of a specialised external evaluator with experience in education research to conduct an evaluation of the Initiative, including implementation and progress made towards its intended outcomes and goals. The evaluation should seek to generate actionable insights and inform programme activities, as well as provide evidence of the effectiveness and contribution of TICZA towards its goals. To the extent that the goals of TICZA are sought through collective impact, the evaluation is expected to generate and highlight insights relevant to the future of multi-stakeholder collaborations in education.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 9 September 2022

Additional queries about the evaluation can be addressed to Tshepo Motsepe
Email: tshepo@zenexfoundation.org.za
Phone: (011) 481 7832

See the Theory of Reference (TOR) for more information: Download ToR here