UNESCO's Digital Learning Week

UNESCO’s first Digital Learning Week takes place from 4 to 7 September 2023 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France
UNESCO's Mobile Learning Week has been rebranded to #DigitalLearning Week - steering the human-centred digital transformation of education. This year's theme is “Steering technology for education”, delving into the transformative influence of digital learning platforms and advancements in AI as part of building a new social contract for education. 
"Students are creators of AI and not only users of AI.” AI Competencies for Students and Teachers. A plenary session moderated by Rita Bissoonauth, Director, UNESCO Liaison Office in Addis Ababa, included presentations of the draft UNESCO AI Competency Frameworks for teachers and students by Fengchun Miao (UNESCO), Kelly Shiohira (JET), Natalie Lao, Mutlu Cukurova and Shafika Isaacs.
"As we look at the draft UNESCO AI Competency Frameworks for teachers and students: learning objectives, outcomes, and aspects: We need to engage as a broader community on the big questions that we need to answer...
  • What is still relevant in education?
  • What are the problems in education that we're trying to solve with AI?
  • How applicable are new solutions and old solutions?
  • How do we make this work?
As we move into a future, hopefully, a future with schools in it, because I am a strong believer that they're a necessary part of our own growth and development as individuals and as a society." - Kelly Shiohira, JET Executive Manager: Research and Data Ecosystems speaking at the UNESCO Digital Learning Week in Paris, France.
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